Free Launcher

Free Launcher is a free and all-in-one solution (PMS + Channel Manager + Reservation and similar) for property management : Hostels, Hotel, appartement and more.

Support 24/7

Support is offered during the initial configuration and activation period of your establishment.

Free migration

We take care of the migration from your old PMS for free.

Full transparency

The prices of options or add-ons are clear and always without any commitment.

The only truly 100% free PMS on the market

Many providers of PMS (Property Management System) offer on their site a free trial period. A closer look at the conditions of this type of offer, it appears that the period is obviously too short to allow a hotel manager to test the solution, let alone submit it to his teams.

Unfortunately, at the end of the trial period granted the client is often tacitly contracted for a year and sometimes benefits.

The various offers of PMS and other solutions for hotels offered by the competition on the internet (with or without a trial period offered) often lead to the same conclusion: the customer is quickly cornered, after a few weeks or months, to incur additional costs to activate options or increase resources that we consider to be included, ie without cost, in any solution presented as “Global” or “All in One”.

This inventory is mainly due to the fact that the aforementioned offers are developed by marketing departments anxious to offer “call offers”, by definition are undersized both from a point of view of resources and functions useful and necessary.

At ChartsBeds, we have entrusted the development of our free Free Launcher offer to our Research u0026amp; Development team in order to meet all the business needs identified and prioritized directly by hundreds of hotel and youth hostel managers throughout the world. world. The result of this preliminary research work led to the development of the “PMS Lite” version of our “All in One Solution”: a perfectly sized solution offering the essential functionalities for any type of establishment up to 50 units.

ChartsBeds has decided to focus on transparency with the first truly free offer, which makes it possible to start with complete peace of mind, without financial pressure, without giving up the tools necessary for any hotelier and without compromising on quality.

Why a free all-in-one hotel solution?

Respond to a constant concern:

Being able to start cheaply and with an evolutive solution !

Meeting the needs of hotels, small-capacity hostels or apartment managers who have never had a PMS and are nervous about investing in an expensive solution without the guarantee of making the right choice.

The implementation of a global solution within a team is a major change and requires an investment in considerable time due to the handling of the tool, the adaptation of teams (manager, receptionist, revenue manager) and changes in procedures.

All the steps described above constitute in themselves a significant financial burden even if it remains difficult to evaluate.

The ChartsBeds Free Launcher offer was designed with this in mind and to allow an activity start or a migration from another PMS, at no extra cost, at startup, during migration, or during the whole period of time. ‘use!

With the Free Launcher, ChartsBeds allows you not only to test but also to choose to use daily and completely free of charge our three flagship products PMS + Channel Manager + Booking Engine, combined into an All in One Lite Solution.

Target heart of Free Launcher

The Free launcher is very popular with both conventional modest establishments and the new forms of accommodation that have recently emerged in the tourist accommodation market.

  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hostels (Free Launcher includes bed management in dormitories)
  • High-growth country hotels (Asia, Africa, Latin America)
  • Private non-professional owners with multiple units made available on sites such as and airbnb
  • Timeshare groups wishing to evaluate the PMS on a single pilot institution

How does Chartsbeds get paid if the PMS is free ?

Resources tailored to your needs

First of all, the Free Launcher offers a Lite version of ChartsBeds’ ALL in ONE Solution carefully designed to get you up and running right from the start. The Lite version is aimed at properties offering up to 50 units, so we have dimensioned our facilities accordingly which allows us to reduce our operating costs while offering you resources (including hosting and response time). ) far more important than your real needs.

Customized needs

The Free Launcher allows you to fully manage your establishment (reservations, availability, payments, etc.) without the use of additional options or add-ons. However, we offer “Add-ons” tools and additional resources that prove to be very useful for certain types of establishments, either permanently or temporarily, in order to boost their activity. This is our source of income.


Take the example of the Add-on Website which allows you to rent a turnkey website dedicated to your establishment and that we have developed specifically for the hotel industry. All our customers do not need to pay the Add-on Website because they already have a website or because they prefer to use another provider. However, many customers find a great interest in using a site perfectly developed for a hotel and fully integrated with the Free Launcher.

Additional Resources

Other hoteliers are totally satisfied with the Free Launcher offer, which meets all their needs, however some people want to connect their PMS to one or more additional OTAs, while others simply need to add an additional user to the 4 users already included for free in the Free Launcher.

No need in these cases to switch to the paid PRO version, it is sufficient from your interface to add the number of OTA or additional users, you only pay for these additional resources. Again, it is very important to note that you can use additional resources without any commitment in time, if you strengthen your team during the summer holidays, you can add users during the desired period, you will remove them a see the holidays finished.

How to activate the Free Launcher?

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