The calendar offers two types of views

By room type

This is a quick way to view the occupancy rate of these rooms and their rates. This makes possible to inform a customer who wishes to extend his stay or book, but also to decide on certain actions to be taken day by day, such as adjusting sales prices according to sales channels or even changing the type of room.

By room number

This view allows to quickly see the room available or to find a customer via his room number. You can also create a reservation directly via the calendar by simply clicking on the desired date and room number.

ChartsBeds calendar feature allows you to conveniently see your occupancy by date, room number and room type. It neatly shows which rooms are occupied and which rooms are reserved at any given time in order to quickly and efficiently manage your bookings.

You can also make new reservations directly from the Calendar by clicking on the date on which you want to make your booking and on the room you wish to book and Calendar will create a new reservation for you.