The Dashboard allow you to assess at a glance your hotel activity for the current day and the following one. Dashboard allows you to conveniently navigate between the different pages. You can simply click on any one of the desired pages to quickly and conveniently navigate to the pages you use most.

The manager and receptionist can easily organize the day in advance and visually follow up the activity progress, without having to navigate the PMS or edit report papers.

ChartsBeds Dashboard also displays the number of reservations received the same day as well as relevant information regarding those added on the waiting list.

The screen offers a shortcut to Check-in and Check-out. It allows you to search and find a customer very quickly using advanced search filters on any customer information: Name, First name, date of reservation, reservation site, internal reservation number or OTA. In the Dashboard you can easily see important information such as how many guests are expected to arrive today and tomorrow, how many guest are expected to check out today and tomorrow, how many reservations are on your waiting list, how many guest currently staying at your property and how many room are available in total.

You can quickly access to records of the customer being present in the establishment.

In addition on your Dashboard you are able to see a list of today’s and tomorrow’s arrivals. You can click on any of the reservations shown in order to quickly see more information and edit the reservation. You are also able to quickly navigate to Departures, Waiting List and In house Guest to see and edit today and tomorrows reservations in each category.