ChartsBeds has a custom “group” field to list the groups.

Each group reservation allows blocking the room types added in the reservation without necessarily affecting the bed or room numbers.

It is possible to manage only one reservation for a group and to break it down into X unit bookings when you have the details of your group, or only at the time of Check-in.

When a group reservation is broken down into X unit bookings (linked by the name and the “group” field), it is then possible to send a pre-checkin email to the group manager, or to each guest so that it completes his booking form to speed up check-in on the day of his arrival.

It is possible to bring the cost of the stay to only one person of the group, the organizer for example. All nights will be charged on his account.

Finally, it is possible to edit a pro forma invoice on a group booking including any additional sales desired. This pro forma invoice can be sent by email directly from the PMS.