Guest invoices (PDF)

Email PDF invoices to your guests, while also helping the environment. ChartsBeds helps you save time by creating automated guest invoices sent to your guest’s Email with little or absolutely no effort.

Customization and modification to your invoice

Customize and modify your guest invoices based on your specific needs and requirements.

  • Accommodation total
  • Additional room charges ( i.e. mini bar, additional meals and Wi-Fi)
  • Tax add-ons and additional property charges
  • Returning guests promotional code
  • Logos and images
  • Different font styles and colours
  • Guest information
  • Property information
  • Arrival and departure date & times
  • Property discounts

Why PDFs are better when invoicing your guests?

Today, in an Eco-friendly and environmentalist society we strongly feel against the waste of unnecessary paper trails. The revolutionary and technological era we live in allows us to dismiss this waste of paper by simply creating automated invoiced PDF files that can get sent directly to your guest’s Email all while being fast, efficient and with little to no effort.