No installation needed

The entire ChartsBeds solution is hosted in the CLOUD. As a result, there is nothing to install in the property.

A URL will be sent to you with your username and password to access your software from anywhere.

AWS is the most reputed cloud hosting service available on the web today.

Indeed, we want you to remain focused on your hotel activities, while we efficiently migrate your data, so you don’t lose time or bookings in the process.

Agility is also a strong point of this web host, which allows us to adapt the size and capacity of your server according to your use. In fact, a hotel with 20 rooms connected to 3 OTAs does not require the same disk space and the same computing capacity as a 400 bed establishment connected to 10 OTAs.

AWS also allows us to host your data closer to your business, with data centers on every continent.

Finally, the security of your data and that of your customers is at the center of our concerns. On this aspect, AWS has a major advantage because in addition to native network protection, it offers multiple services to refine the configuration of subscribed services, to filter access, in a simple and effective way.