VPS Cloud solution

Accessing your property management system remotely has never been easier with our VPS Cloud Solution. It allows you to run Chartsbeds all in one solution over the Internet, through Microsoft Terminal Services. This is a very powerful solution that offers maximum security, reliability and accessibility for properties of all sizes. Access Chartsbeds from your office, home or any computer in the world!

General Specifications of Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution

  • Operating System : Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Processor : Intel Xeon
  • Ram Memory : Up to 16 GB
  • Hard-disks : RAID-6 array of 15k rpm SAS disks, 6 Gb/s
  • Connectivity : Up to 100 Mb/s contended
  • IPs : 8 Dedicated IPs
  • Available with SSD Hard Disks


  • Our Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution is secured in Tier 2 data centres with 99% up-time guaranteed.

Installation of Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution

  • Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution is installed on your Virtual Server, hosted in a data centre.
  • Virtual Servers or Dedicated Servers are available in worldwide locations.
  • Our experienced team can fully manage your server for you.

Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution Remote Access

  • Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution is accessible from anywhere through RemoteApp™ or Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Remote Desktop Connection is free to use from any platform such as Mac, Windows or Linux.

Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution Remote Printing

  • Remote printing allows you to print reports from any computer in the world.

Benefits of using Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution

  • Run Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution for one or more properties on a Chartsbeds VPS Cloud Solution.
  • Functionality and security of Windows Server 2008 R2 platform
  • Full control with full root/admin access
  • Secure and reliable, with fantastic “local-like” user experience
  • Ability to add additional system resources as needed