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The checkout email allows you to thank your customer, evaluate his satisfaction and offer him a loyalty program encouraging him to return to your establishment. In this sense, Chartsbeds has develloped a “reviews module” that integrates perfectly with the email, which allows to question the customer and allows him to answer a personalized questionnaire directly from the body of the message!

Our wordpress plugin allows to publish the reviews and comments of your customers directly and automatically on your site in textual, graphical and twitter style. Of course you remain totally in control of the selection of reviews you want to publish.

Chartsbeds Email interface is a customisable module for sending automatic professional email confirmations to guests making bookings and daily reports to head office after night audit.

Every time a new booking is received Chartsbeds automatically generates and sends a professional email confirmation with all booking details. This automated process significantly reduces the room for human error and helps you to streamline your staff’s time and workloads, allowing you and your team to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can include elements such as maps and directions to your property, policy details, etc.

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