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ChartsBeds allows you to send an email spent the first night to evaluate your guests’ satisfaction . Do not wait for the departure of your client to understand, but too late, that the latter was disappointed and will never return to your establishment … It is so much easier to improve its stay from the beginning!

In 80% of the cases the dissatisfaction is due to a minor problem which could have been very easy to solve right away (ex: a squeaky door, a bulb to be changed, etc.). The stay email allows your staff to listen to your customers and improve their experience, you improve your customers loyalty but also generate additional revenue by proposing targeted promotions, for example by offering a last-minute upgrade at a discount price since you know that your rooms of superior category will not be sold by the evening.

Chartsbeds Email interface is a customisable module for sending automatic professional email confirmations to guests making bookings and daily reports to head office after night audit.

Every time a new booking is received Chartsbeds automatically generates and sends a professional email confirmation with all booking details. This automated process significantly reduces the room for human error and helps you to streamline your staff’s time and workloads, allowing you and your team to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can include elements such as maps and directions to your property, policy details, etc.

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uk You will soon arrive to Paris, have you planned out your visit?

Our team is fully available to advise you on the best restaurants, shows, monuments, which will make your trip an unforgettable experience. We are passionate about Paris, and this passion is contagious!

fr Vous arrivez à Paris dans 2 jours, avez-vous planifié votre visite?

Notre équipe est à votre disposition pour vous conseiller les meilleurs restaurants, spectacles, visites, qui feront de votre sejour une experience inoubliable. Nous sommes des passionnés de Paris, et cette passion est contagieuse!

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