Full training and system customization.

Our company offers and provides a wide range of different training styles and methods for all necessary positions starting at basic receptionist skills to advanced managerial skills. Our experienced team of trainers, developers and technicians provide you with all the necessary tools in order to get you familiarized from the simplest to the most intricate task our system ChartsBeds has to offer.

Types of training

Our team of trainers go through months of training and practice systems to familiarize themselves with all the ins and outs of our system in order to give you the best training and system customization that fits your needs.
We offer a wide variety of trainings for all types of personnel:

  • Basic receptionist training
  • Advanced receptionist training
  • Basic managerial training
  • Advanced managerial training

How does the Training work?

The training process is very simple yet very effective. Our trainers complete the necessary training in a multiple number of sessions through various methods such as Skype, Phone calls or instant messaging systems. CharstBeds trainers help your personnel get set up in the system and teach them how to use and move around the system from simple tasks such as placing and cancelling reservations to creating reports and assigning rates.

Post training process

Once training is completed, our team of trainers and technicians provide a full on technical support through phone calls and for any issue or question that may occur. Feel supported with ChartsBeds!