What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software that allows an application or a program to interface, connect and communicate with other softwares.

APIs are the backbone of any digital program and provide a gateway to a service, or a feature, by hiding the details of the implementation.

In general, APIs are accompanied by a description that specifies how “user” programs can use the features of the “provider” program.

Today, users are increasingly mobile and use a multitude of channels and terminals to navigate online. APIs can provide concrete answers to fundamental business challenges by making an application accessible on a myriad of devices.


How do APIs work for hotels?

Thanks to the APIs, the various softwares that ensure the smooth functioning of all the current operations of a hotel, can connect with each other. For example, your PMS, content management system, accounting system, housekeeping system, reservation system, and other applications can be linked together.

The biggest challenge for a hotel is to have all these systems communicate with each other and share real-time information, such as hotel rates, room availability, reservations, customer information, etc.

Open API

An open API is a free API distributed on the market as a regular software product, regularly improved and updated allowing for a very easy integration with other programs. 

Open APIs have accelerated access to new applications resulting in new developments of innovative business models.

These APIs provide users with better experiences and make it easier to manage daily hotel tasks.


ChartsBeds API

ChartsBeds APIs are open and can be shared freely and securely with our customers and their partners. They allow an interconnection of our PMS with any third party tool: Business Intelligence (BI); External booking platform; Group Management Tool Online booking engine…

ChartsBeds publishes its APIs to encourage developers in select industries to innovate and find new ways to use our products. In theory, it’s a win-win device.

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